Tyrrells Crisps are offering you the chance to win one of 10,000 available England Rugby balls with our Instant Win promotion. Enter using a 10-digit code found on promotional packs.

All on-line and postal entries will also be added into the applicable weekly Prize Draw to win 1 of 40 pairs of tickets to England Rugby’s home games in 2019.

Consumers in England, Scotland, Wales must purchase a promotional pack to enter and retain their itemised purchase receipt. Participants from Northern Ireland can enter without purchase following a valid No Purchase Necessary (NPN) application; full details can be found in the terms and conditions.

Instructions can be found on the reverse of promotional packets of Tyrrells crisps, on the left-hand side as you look at it, in the paragraph headed HOW TO ENTER. You can also find out full terms and conditions online at www.tyrrellscrisps.co.uk/englandrugby

One entry can be made per person per day. Each promotional pack can only be used once to enter.

You must be aged 18 or older to enter the promotion.

Your unique 10-digit promotional code, starting with the letter ‘T’, is on the reverse of the pack, towards the bottom, in the best before box. There will also be a best before date and a product code in this box, but the promotional code has ten digits, so you should be able to spot it!

Unfortunately not, a promotional packet is required to enter the promotion. Promotional packets are available from most major grocery retailers and selected convenience stores and other outlets throughout the United Kingdom. They are easy to spot as they have a picture of a rugby ball and ticket on the front of the pack.

As the code is made up of small lines, we find that if you hold the pack at a distance, the code stands out far more clearly If you are still struggling to read it – and need to some help then contact us.

Yes, please send your postal application to Tyrrells Crisps Win Rugby Balls and Rugby Tickets, PO Box 3719, NEWPORT PAGNELL, MK16 6BY to arrive no later than 31/12/2018 for the weekly draws. The deadline for the Final Draw is 31/05/2019. Application requirements are detailed in Clause 3 of our promotion terms and conditions.

If you do not have a phone or camera we suggest you request support from a friend or family member to help with your entry.

We try to limit the amount of information we request – we want to make the entry process as pleasant as possible! However, we do need some information so that we can contact you if you’re one of the lucky winners.

If you are picked as a lucky winner in one of Prize Draws, we need your email address so we can send you details of how to claim, and we ask for your name, telephone number and postcode so we can verify your details.

We will never send you anything or share your details without your permission. Please refer to Tyrrells' Privacy Policy for more details

Please check to ensure that you have entered your unique pack code correctly. The code contains a mix of letter and sometimes it can be easy to mistake certain number for letters. It’s worth looking extra carefully to make sure you’ve entered your code correctly.

Pack codes may only be used once and there’s one entry per person per day.

If your code has already been used, you will see a message that tells you this. For example, if you accidentally double-clicked “enter now to win”, it may have already entered, as the pop-up message telling you if you’ve won or lost can sometimes take a little time to appear. It is possible that you may have submitted your entry before the pop-up message appears.

If you’re still having trouble entering, please let us know by contacting chinwag@tyrrellscrisps.co.uk. Please include the promotional code from your promotional pack so that we can help resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

Please check your entry form and ensure you have fully entered all the required details. Mandatory fields are marked with a * and any missing details will display an error message.

Instant Win Prizes are randomly allocated and assigned to promotional entries via an algorithm (1: XXXX) using a secure, independently verified computer system.

Weekly Prize Draw winners are selected via an independently verified random number generator computer process from all valid entries received on line and via the post during the applicable qualifying period.

You will see an on-screen notification if you have won an England Rugby Ball. You will also receive an email (to the address provided at the time of entry).

If you are a winner of 1 our 17 main prize draws you will be contacted by email or phone with details of how to claim. Look out for an email from hello@tyrrellscrispsenglandrugby.co.uk.

You will need to KEEP YOUR ORIGINAL PACK (you can eat the crisps!) AND PROOF OF PURCHASE STORE RECEIPT in order to claim your prize.

Details of how to claim details will be shown on screen at the time of your win as well as being sent in a confirmation email which will be sent to the email address you used to enter. Final date to claim your England Rugby Ball is Monday 14th January 2019.

Emails will be sent to the address provided at the time of entry. Please check your junk folder for a message from hello@tyrrellscrispsenglandrugby.co.uk.

If you win an England Rugby Ball you have two options ‘CLAIM NOW’ or ‘CLAIM LATER’.

If you choose the CLAIM NOW button you will need to:

  • keep the website browser page open whilst you add in some additional contact details
  • take and upload the following images/photos:
    • an image of their original itemised purchase receipt. This must show the item purchased, store details and should be dated and timed prior to your winning on-line entry
    • an image of your promotional pack, clearly showing your entry code

If you chose to ‘Claim Later’ then please check your win confirmation email which provides details of how to make a claim, a unique Claim Code and a link to the Claim page.

Please note that for the prize claim to be approved, all claim images should be clear, legible and complete.

Once you have submitted your claim PLEASE KEEP YOUR ORIGINAL PACK AND RECEIPT UNTIL THE END OF THE PROMOTION in case further verification is required

If you are a winner of 1 our 17 main prize draws you’ll need to send in the post your original winning, empty, promotional crisp packet and corresponding itemised till receipt for verification. Freepost details for prize draw claims will be provided in your win confirmation email.

On the claim page you will be asked to upload a photo/image of your promotional pack and receipt. JPEG and PNG file formats up to a maximum of 10Mb per image are accepted.

On the claim page, select the BROWSE button and then go to the location on your desktop/phone/device where your photos are stored. Select the photo you wish to upload. Our site will confirm the number of images that have been uploaded to the site. We need to view your complete receipt so more than one image can be uploaded, if required. To be approved, images should be unique clear, complete and legible. Receipts can only be used once per claim.

We want our promotion to be fair for everyone, and so, to validate a win in the prize draw you must have purchased one of the promotional products, so we ask Prize Draw winners to post in their (empty!) winning pack and original receipt to prove they have bought Tyrrells and to prevent any false claims. This is quite normal for this type of offer.

Winners of an England Rugby Ball will receive their prize within 28 (twenty-eight) days from receipt of their claim approved email. Rugby balls will be dispatched, deflated, and sent via Royal Mail 2nd Class postage.

Once their claims have been approved, winners of England Rugby tickets will receive a notification of when to expect their prize which will be dispatched via Royal Mail, 2nd Class postage ‘sign for’ service no later than fourteen days prior to the match date.

Each proof of purchase receipt can only be used once. If you purchase more than one promotional packet in the same transaction, then the same receipt may be submitted as part of a claim by the same user to the number of times equivalent to the number of packets purchased. i.e. If you brought 3 packets and 2 of the codes entered from the packs purchased were winners then, on this occasion, the same receipt may be used during the claim process.

Good news! Yes, it is possible for you to win more than one England Rugby ball during the promotional period. Please remember you can only enter once a day.

The security of your personal information is important to us and our team, we use stringently controlled security methods and processes in accordance with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We use stringently controlled security methods and processes to protect your information including implementing access controls to our information technology, such as firewalls, and ID verification and also strictly managing access to where data is stored during the promotion. If you would like more information please see our privacy policy, accessible through the links at the bottom of the page.

Please refresh your browser and try to access the page again. It may be that you need to clear your cache by holding down ‘CTRL’ and F5, or in your browser settings; a cache consists of data stored by your computer to enable similar future actions to be completed quicker. If you continue to experience problems, please drop us a note via our Facebook page or email us at chinwag@tyrrellscrisps.co.uk

Entries that are complete, and successfully received by us, will result in an on-screen notification to say, “You’re a Winner” or “Sorry you have not won this time”. Winners will also be sent an email to confirm your win and next steps.

Submissions made when there was internet connection issues or inadequate coverage may not be successfully received. If you did not receive an on-screen notification of your entry status, please refresh the page to enter again.

We find that phone lines can get tied up – and know it’s not fun to be on hold! Our customer service team are busy answering all your questions about our delicious hand-cooked crisps, so we have created this list of commonly asked questions, to save you having to call them. If you do have any questions that we haven’t answered here, please email chinwag@tyrrellscrisps.co.uk and we’ll do our best to get back to you quickly.